Choosing a Cello

When beginning lessons, particularly when just starting playing, the quality of the instrument plays a large role in the student's immediate success and enjoyment.  After only a few weeks poor quality equipment can start to hinder progress, so the utmost care and consideration should be made in selecting what is used to learn.


Renting vs. Buying


A frequent question is whether a student should rent an instrument or buy.  In general, it pays off to purchase your instrument, but only if the dealer offers a trade in policy.  A policy like this involves taking back the instrument when the player grows out of it physically or musically, and allowing the purchaser to return the instrument and have the price of that instrument go towards the purchase of a larger or nicer, and definitly slightly pricier, instrument.

Parents and students can cringe when confronted with the upfront costs of these instruments which, even for a small cello, will be above $1000.00.  There are, of course, cheaper options to buy, but they will not offer a trade in policy, and they will frustrate the player as playing will be more difficult.


Quality Upkeep

Another big factor in a students progress and enjoyment is the level of care shown the instrument during its life with the student.  An instrument that is cared for properly will continue to perform at its peak, and a handmade instrument of sufficient quality will even mature in sound the more it is played.

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